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Let us help you keep your home

There's an old saying about "the best laid plans of mice and men." In the 21st century, it applies equally to all people regardless of gender. No matter what you plan, sometimes, things just go awry. During a pandemic, businesses might reduce their workforces, reduce their employees' hours worked, or even close. The short version is: You need money to avoid disaster. In "the biz," the term is "loss mitigation."

That's a fancy way of saying, "Get cash quick from somewhere." You might have a delinquent FHA loan, a second mortgage that is behind, or even a foreclosure notice. We're here to help. Do you want to keep your home and just restructure your mortgage? Whether you live in Kansas City, elsewhere in Missouri, or other places nearby, we can help you with a loan modification. It doesn't matter if the loan in question is in first lien position or if it's a second mortgage. Depending on your situation, we might even be able to convince you lender to allow a forbearance while you get things in order.

Your lender won't want you to go into borrowers default. Lenders make pennies on the dollar when they foreclose, so they would much rather you look into foreclosure prevention, borrowers default prevention, and other options to help you find a solution. A motivated loan servicer would be a great ally to have when you're struggling. Fortunately, we can become that loan servicer for you.

We're not only motivated but also well-trained and knowledgeable about the laws, practices, and strategies involved with finding solutions to your money problems. We always strive to find the solution that is best for you. If seeking forbearance on a delinquent FHA loan is what's best for you, then that's what we'll recommend. We will, however, always go with what you want to do because we respect our clients' wishes.

Nearly seven in eight properties in Kansas City, Missouri, wind up on the auction block, which is a poor outcome for everyone involved. Loss mitigation not only helps you gain the funds you need, but it also shows a good-faith effort on your part to honor your financial obligations. That can be key when attempting to rebuild your credit or to gain access to new loans in the future. Such a good-faith effort also encourages lenders to allow a loan modification, which goes a long way toward foreclosure prevention. If the only solution is selling your home to get out from under before you lose it, then we'll recommend that course of action. In this case, you could have the cash you need in less than a week.

In all, we provide affordable, discreet, and hassle-free financial services to the people of the Kansas City area. Call us or drop by the office today to set up an appointment.


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