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Are you facing foreclosure or struggling to pay your mortgage?

When financial hardships present themselves, homeowners can benefit from a variety of our programs. From financial counseling to emergency loans, job training and credit repair programs, Direct Mortgage Solutions by Legacy Homes Group LLC and its partners have programs and services available at no charge. 

Families and individuals across Missouri struggle to keep up with rising living costs. It is often the case that the loss of a job, a medical crisis, or another unexpected financial burden can put these households at risk of homelessness and financial ruin. Our immediate financial assistance services help households with a variety of needs. We imagine a community in which households are able to thrive independently, and Direct Mortgage Solutions by Legacy Homes Group LLC is here to guide our community along every step on the journey to financial freedom.

Perhaps the scariest thing about being short on cash is the danger of being unable to pay your rent or mortgage. If you can’t pay your phone bill or your gas bill, at worst, you could have your service cut off. But failing to pay your rent could put you out on the street.

If you can't make your mortgage payments, the best thing you can do is to stay ahead of the game. Research your options and take action before it's too late.

It's quick and painless. Tell us a little bit about you and your home to get accurate prequalified rates without impacting your credit score. From there you can view the interest rate and cost breakdown of each loan and best lender can provide you

If you’re 60 days or more behind on your mortgage, or in danger of becoming delinquent on your mortgage, we at Legacy Homes LLC have housing counseling programs to help. Counselors will work with you to address your financial issues and negotiate directly with lenders on your behalf on an action plan to prevent or resolve foreclosure. Any Missouri homeowner experiencing financial difficulty that could put them in default, is eligible to register for our special programs. In the worst situations we may be able to take over payments and find a suitable home for you to move into at no cost. We can take care of all moving costs! Please review all options first!

Get the cash you need and the rate you deserve


  • Compare lenders and save on interest

  • Get cash out to pay off high-interest debt

  • Prequalify in just 3 minutes

Legacy Homes Group LLC continues to encourage clients to offer its suite of loss mitigation options to distressed borrowers – including those that could be impacted by the Coronavirus – to help prevent them from going into foreclosure. These include short and long-term forbearance options, mortgage modifications, and other mortgage payment relief options available based on the borrower’s individual circumstances.

There are multiple mortgage refinance assistance programs available to borrowers.  In general, the goal of refinance assistance programs is to help borrowers obtain more affordable mortgages or exit their existing mortgage with as little hardship as possible.  There are different types of refinance programs depending on your situation plus each program has different eligibility and qualification requirements.  Some programs are focused on borrowers who can afford their mortgage payment but who have limited equity in their home, which makes it very challenging to refinance. In these special cases we may be able to buy your home cash!

However, if you enter such an emergency, it’s important to take charge of the situation, contact your lender and immediately begin looking for help with your mortgage payment. Worse still, allowing your home to go into foreclosure will devastate your credit rating. It will impede your ability to borrow and leave a black mark on your credit history that could take years to erase. It’s imperative to consider every option to keep the mortgage payments flowing. Fortunately, you can prevent foreclosure, but you must take the initiative. Lenders know there are many reasons why borrowers can’t pay their mortgages. Contact us today for more information on how we can help!



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